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Fauxwood and Wood Blinds

Give your room a beautiful, timeless look with fauxwood or wood blinds. 

Fauxwood blinds offer the look of wood at an affordable price.  It is made with a polymer material that is  moisture and heat resistant. Perfect for bathrooms or high moisture areas.  Wood blinds provide a luxurious and elegant look. Great for an office or to match a piece of furniture.  Add a fabric tape to give some texture and contrast. Both Fauxwood and Wood blinds are available in 1", 2", or 2 1/2" slats and a wide variety of color selections. 

Aluminum and Vinyl Blinds

Aluminum and Vinyl Blinds are great selections for a modern décor. They provide an economical option to other shades or blinds.  Available in an wide array of colors, aluminum blinds will coordinate with any style.  Get creative in a kid's room with colorful slats.  Aluminum blinds are also anti-static and scratch and stain resistant. Vinyl Blinds offer extra-thick PVC slats for improved privacy, durability, and energy efficiency.  They are perfect for bathrooms and high traffic areas. 

Available slat sizes are 1/2", 1", or 2" with child safety controls.

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