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Hobbled Roman Shades

Hobbled Roman Shades are fuller in body. This style keeps its soft folds even when lowered.  Hobbled roman shades works best with solid or textured fabrics. This shade is available is a variety of fabric styles and colors.  Available cordless and with or without a valance. 

Classic Roman Shades

Classic roman shade is the traditional flat roman shade.  This shade can be made with any fabric.  It is highly recommended for patterned fabrics. Dress up this shade with embellishments such as contrast tape or trims.


Knife Pleat and Ribbed Pleat Shades

Knife pleat shades are made with pockets on the back of the shade to form decorative seams on the front of the shade.  

Ribbed pleat shades is the reverse of the knife pleat shades with the pockets in the front of the shade.  Both these shade gives the  a decorative look to the shade.  Not recommended for fabrics with a pattern that may be interrupted by the pleats. 

Relaxed Shade or London Shades

Relaxed roman shade is a soft flowing shade that lies flat when lowered with a gentle smile when raised. The London shade is a relaxed shade with a decorative inverted pleat. Add embellishments such as tassels or beaded trims to enhance any fabrics. 

All Roman Shades are available in our wide selection of fabrics, 

or we can make them with customer's own fabrics. 

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